Candy, Nuts and Coffee for Less – Sponsored Post

23 11 2010

blackfriday sale already started! Lovin some of that candy(coffee is good2tho) &FREE S/H!


Lucky Brand – Sponsored Post

23 11 2010

Lucky Brand - Sponsored Post
Got my 1st pair of Lucky Brand jeans… LUV’em!! 😉

JCPenney 7′ Christmas Tree – Sponsored Post

23 11 2010

JCPenney 7 Christmas Tree - Sponsored Post
now this would be Great for small apts. or heck anyone w/not alot of room. So cute!!


23 11 2010

now you KNOW Im goin ‘try’ (lol) & make these cuties for the holidays!! – YUM….

Holiday Red Dinnerware by Lenox – Sponsored Post

23 11 2010

Holiday Red Dinnerware by Lenox - Sponsored Post
I LOVE this!! well esp since my kitchen has RED accents. This is going to look so gorge for the holidays!


18 08 2010

Another blogging endeavor of mine…
This blog is being written to help others in getting started “working from home”.
I will posting about all the things that I have learned over the past few years, what has worked for me, and what has not worked for me.
I will be listing helpful articles and blogs, basically anything that I KNOW will help you to become successful in making an income working at home!
So have a Fabulous Day everyone!
Love & Blessings,

A small-town girl Livin in a Crazy-jacked up World…

1 07 2010

My very first Original Blog…

(the 2nd post is a 4th of July cupcake recipe!)

A small-town girl Livin in a Crazy-jacked up World….